David Michalek’s Slow Dancing—an outdoor, ­multi-­channel video installation of hyper-slow-motion ­video ­portraits ­projected on the facade of a ­building or other large ­surface—captures the beauty of the body in motion by depicting movement of dance icons at 1,000 frames per second. The work ­premiered at the Lincoln Center ­Festival in 2007 and was also presented at the Paris Opera Bastille, the Venice Biennale and in ­London’s ­Trafalgar Square. The New York Times wrote, “...an ­unforgettable dance-meets-film-­technology ­evening. Each dance contains its own ­revelation of ­energy, ­phrasing, stillness and style; and the juxtaposition, ­different on each night, of three ­simultaneous dances is always enthralling.”

David Michalek is an artist and photographer who takes the concept and techniques of portraiture as the ­starting points for the creation of his works. His focus on ­performance and interaction on both a large and small-scale and in a range of mediums uses ­storytelling, ­dialogue and ­movement and relys on the responses of ­subjects, collaborators and audiences. He has been drawn in ­particular to projects that bring together diverse groups of people in settings ranging from galleries to public ­spaces to community organizations to health-care facilities. ... read full bio