The music of Mason Bates fuses innovative orchestral writing, the rhythms of electronica and techno, and imaginative narrative forms brought to life by cutting edge sound design. An advocate for bringing new music to new spaces, he has become known as an artist who moves fluidly between them - performing on electronic drumpad and laptop, for example, with the Los Angeles Philharmonic under John Adams at Disney Hall, or integrating members of the San Francisco Symphony into an evening of DJing at the SF club Mezzanine. Currently serving as a composer-in-residence with the Chicago Symphony.

Highlights of the coming season include Riccardo Muti leading the Chicago Symphony in The BSides— a dance suite that drops into five surreal landscapes — and John Adams conducting the Toronto Symphony in Liquid Interface, a 'water symphony' that moves from glaciers to evaporation. While Bates often performs the electronica onstage with orchestras, dozens of repeat performances of his symphonic music happen without him — demonstrating how electronics can act as a new section in the orchestra with little logistical effort ... read full bio